Paternity test with a picture DNA test

Doing the paternity test by taking the blood sample is an old thing, the technology has taken over the charge. Now you can do the paternity test with the help of a picture. Yes, the picture DNA test for a paternity test is a new thing in the town. And it is very beneficial as well as time-saving.

You only need the picture of the child and of the person you want to test the DNA with. The DNA facial recognition technology matches the points of the face and made the report on the basis of the study. Face DNA test are providing the latest paternity DNA testing with the help paternity picture comparison. It is the latest technology used to perform the paternity testing to examine the child-father relationship.

The online picture DNA test at Face DNA test lab is very reliable and they are known for providing the best service in the town. The Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity service by them is one of the best and fastest way available for DNA testing. It will provide complete answers to all kind of DNA Paternity and Ancestry questions.

Get your facial DNA test done at one of the reliable labs of the USA. They are providing the great facility of online picture DNA test, you can take the test at home also and will get reports within 24 hours.

The features of the services provided by the Face DNA Test labs are following:

You will get the results within the 24 hours.
Provide the email PDF copy of the results.
Free DNA Testing Consultation
Expert Review of Report Findings
Easy software to Upload Picture
You can complete your DNA Profile questionnaire in the privacy

If you are looking for the reliable source of DNA testing that is known for providing the hassle-free service in the USA than Face DNA test labs are best for you. Visit for more details. Check the Free paternity Tuesday!


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